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Monday, July 6, 2009

New Nevada County Libertarian Party Leadership Appointed

From an article today in TheUnion.com:

Donn Coenen is trying to take a loose collection of Libertarians and build a strong political alternative with his recent appointment as temporary chairman of the Nevada County chapter.  “The biggest growing political group out there is ‘Decline to state,' so that gives us a big opportunity,” to attract new members.

“I'm also a Tea Party participant,” said Coenen, who lives in western Nevada County. “It reflects the Libertarian feelings about small government and less taxes.”

State Libertarian voter registration has increased from 80,000 to 83,000 since the November election, according to Beau Cain, a spokesman at the party's state office in the Los Angeles area. “Ever since the last presidential election, we've had a lot of phone calls asking for information,” Cain said. “They are really disgusted with the Republicans and Democrats and found they believe the same things we do. They want social tolerance and fiscal responsibility, in a nutshell.” [...]

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