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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Libertarian Speaks At Riverside Anti-Nazi Rally

On Sat. Sep. 26, Sean Nealon of the Riverside Press-Enterprise wrote about a neo-Nazi rally that day:
Eight Neo-Nazis rallying against illegal immigration Saturday in Riverside fled in the face of 200 counterprotesters who snatched and tore up swastika-covered flags and chanted "Nazis go home." Scheduled to last two hours, the protest ended after 45 minutes when police officers, who wore riot gear but made no arrests, advised the Neo-Nazis to leave. Counterprotesters spit on the Neo-Nazis' Suzuki and Hyundai cars as they drove away. [...] A second counterprotest, attended by about 200 people, was held Saturday morning at Riverside City hall.
Gene Berkman, Vice-Chair of the Riverside County Libertarian Party, spoke at the latter rally:

I am Gene Berkman, Vice-Chair of The Riverside County Libertarian Party. I own Renaissance Bookshop on Magnolia Ave in Riverside. We offer the largest selection of anti-Nazi books in English and German for sale in Southern California.

Libertarian just means we are for Liberty. Libertarians oppose Nazis and National Socialism in every aspect.  Nazis glorify the All Powerful State. We the members of The Libertarian Party challenge the cult of the Omnipotent State. We strive to limit government power.

Nazis glorify War and Violence. Libertarians favor Peace – International Peace and Social Peace. We reject the rule of force in human affairs. Nazis elevate Racial Collectivism to a fundamental principle. They denigrate, degrade and destroy individuals found guilty of belonging to a Collectively Guilty Race.

Libertarians defend the Dignity of the Individual and Individual Freedom. We share with Martin Luther King the dream that each individual be judged according to his character.

When there was a real Nazi Empire – not just some clowns in dress-up costumes – many from Riverside County fought to liberate Europe from National Socialism – my Dad among them. There is no room in Riverside County for those who wear the uniform of an enemy of American Freedom.

Never Again Nazism! Long Live Freedom and a Free America! Viva la Libertad y America Libre!

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