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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mark Hinkle Running For Libertarian Party National Chair

Mark Hinkle is California's representative to the Libertarian National Committee, and was Chair of the LPCA from 1997 to 2001.  Last night he sent out this email:

I've just booked my flight to the New Hampshire LP convention in Manchester on October 3rd (Saturday).  The national LP Chair campaign is ON. I'll be flying from San Francisco to/from Boston and then driving up to Manchester, NH.  My intention is to listen to the New Hampshire LP activists to get their sense of the LNC, the LP HQ, and the national scene.

I will also pitch my view that the LP HQ and the LNC needs to be a service organization.  We must serve Radicals and Reformers, Anarchists and Miniarchist, old timers, and fresh faces alike.  They all bring strength, talents, and resources to the LP and we need them all.

I would like also to suggest we seriously assess what we do along the lines of divisions of labor.  As I see it, there are projects and tasks that are ideally suited for each of the 3 layers of the LP organization: National, State, and Local (I'll leave the rest of the world to groups like ISIL).  Many tasks or projects may cross all 3 levels of the LP, but some are best suited for a specific strata of our organization.

For example, it's clear that our experiences with Project Archimedes gives the advantage to membership recruitment to the LP HQ.  Running statewide partisan candidates who are articulate and well qualified are ideally left to our state affiliates.  And running local candidates for non-partisan & partisan offices or opposing local school bonds, are best left to our local chapters to accomplish.

And where projects cross organizational lines, partnerships between the LP HQ and the State LP affiliates should be voluntarily negotiated.

Since the position I'm running for is at the national level, that's where we need to focus our attention on identifying what we do best and then execute without fail.  Executing well is key to the future of the LP, as well as our future as a nation.  If we execute well, fund raising will be less of a burden.  If we execute well, our membership ranks will grow.  If we execute well, some of the deep ideological divisions within the LP may be mollified.  And if we do all of this well, we can also increase our ranks of elected Libertarians.

I look forward to working with you on my campaign, listening to your ideas and suggestions, and meeting you on the campaign trail.

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