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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Doherty on Guns Oct 29 @ Tarzana; Samuels on Chaos Nov 15 @ S.F.

[An Oct. 20 email from the LPCA]
  • In Defense of Chaos with L.K. Samuals, Nov. 15 Reception in San Francisco
  • Gun Control on Trial with Reason's Brian Doherty Oct. 29 in San Fernando Valley
  • Collect Signatures, Save Campaign Funds
  • 2010 California LP Convention
  • California Coffee Club

Greetings, Fellow Libertarian!

Autumn weather made a brief, invigorating appearance in most parts of California recently, reminding us that there's changes ahead. Even nature is focusing on future changes.

You can help make much needed changes, too! LP California County Parties have scheduled meetings and presentations for this month and next, plus they're preparing to support their local candidates for public office next year. Find out how you can help below.

As well, here's a few significant Libertarian Party of California events that are scheduled for the next few months.

  • L.K. Samuels explains, from his new book In Defense of Chaos, how complexity theory favors libertarian principles, at a casually elegant reception and auction in San Francisco's Marina District.

  • Brian Doherty of Reason magazine discusses his new book, Gun Control on Trial at the new Valley Forge Supper Club in San Fernando Valley.

  • Volunteers commit to making a significant, money-saving non-cash contribution to candidate campaigns through our Signature Circle.

  • New Party members face deadline to serve as delegates at 2010 state Party convention in Long Beach.

  • California Coffee Club provides structured giving for major donors.
Get ready to get involved and make some real changes!

In This Issue
In Defense of Chaos with L.K. Samuals, Reception in San Francisco
Gun Control on Trial with Reason's Brian Doherty in San Fernando Valley
Collect Signatures, Save Campaign Funds
2010 California LP Convention
California Coffee Club
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Reception, Book Preview, and Auction in San Francisco
featuring Activist and Author L.K. Samuels

Sunday, November 15, 2009

4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Marina District, San Francisco
(Address provided with paid reservation)

Enjoy San Francisco hospitality with other book-loving libertarians as activist and author L.K. Samuels reads an excerpt from his next book, In Defense of Chaos. He'll present his insights into how complexity theory favors libertarian principles.

What's this all about? In a nutshell, Chaology - the study of chaos - provides us with the science we need to prove that freedom, choice, flexibility, and decentralism create a better world.

According to Samuels, "Chaos gets a bad rap. If it were not for the dynamics of chaos, stability and order would never exist... After all, order is merely the repetition of patterns; chaos the process to establish patterns. Without this creative self-organizing force, the universe would be devoid of biological life, the birth of stars and galaxies, and the singularity of matter and energy -- everything we have come to know...

"Under chaos and complexity principles, the traditional concept of how society is governed is losing much of its past luster... society is no longer anchored to a political determinism beholden to equality, causality and predictability. The death knell of linear politics has arrived."

Whether your reaction to that claim is "Well, of course!" or "Huh?" this is your opportunity to enjoy delving deeper into this fascinating and profoundly liberating study. You can meet the author and discuss his ideas not just with him, but with other lively and engaged libertarians in a party atmosphere.

Along with good food and drink and plenty of liberty-focused conversation, you'll have a great opportunity to support California's LP by bidding in our fund raising auction. We're getting commitments for auction items, so if you have a service or good that you wish to donate to benefit the state Party, contact Beau Cain at 818-782-8400, or office@ca.lp.org.

Early bird admission for this casually elegant event is as low as $40 for a single admission, and $60 for a couple. Prices increase Saturday, November 7th, one week before the event, so you have less than a month to take advantage of the savings!

Ready to reserve your admission? Click here, or contact Beau Cain at 818-782-8400 or office@ca.lp.org.

Reason's Brian Doherty on Gun Control on Trial in
San Fernando Valley

Thursday, October 29

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Carrows Family Restaurant in Tarzana
18355 Ventura Blvd (1 block east of Reseda)
Tarzana CA 91356

The San Fernando Valley Libertarian Party inaugurates its new libertarian supper club meetings with a bang. At this first meeting of the Valley Forge Supper Club, special guest speaker Brian Doherty of Reason magazine will speak about his new book, Gun Control on Trial.

This isn't Doherty's first presentation for the San Fernando Valley LP. When his book Radicals for Capitalism came out a couple of years back, he and his wife, Angela Keaton, were their guests for a special program titled "Lovers of Liberty."

About this presentation, we all know that gun control is a tool of fascism.  After Obama gets some kind of health care plan passed, we expect to be on his agenda, probably scheduled some time before he gets around to that one libertarian thing on his To Do List, "legalizing" marijuana. There will certainly be lots of source material for good conversation at this meeting, so get in on the ground floor for these special presentations.

Like the Karl Hess Supper Club that meets in Culver City, the Valley Forge Supper Club will feature top-notch speakers for a modest per person charge, in this case $3, and the request that you voluntary purchase from the restaurant's menu of reasonably-priced food.

Learn more about this exciting event on the San Fernando Valley LP's website.

Four Month Warning! Collect Signatures, Save Campaign Funds!

Candidates and campaign managers! Don't wait until the last minute to file your signatures in lieu of paying a filing fee to run for office next year! The deadline is February 25, 2010, and you can't begin collecting actual signatures until January 1.

So why all the urgency now? February 25th is a little more than four months away.

It's all about saving you time, effort and money.

First, if you get commitments from legitimate signers before January 1st, you'll waste very little time in the strict 8-week window when you can actually collect those signatures.

Second, if you spread your effort over the next two months, it'll be easier to convince signers to support your candidacy before other candidates are seeking those same signatures.

Third, if you get all of your required signatures before the deadline, you don't have to pay to file your application to run for public office, and that's money that you can use for actual campaigning!

The big plus to all this? You can tell your supporters all about your fiscally responsible efforts to keep their donations out of the hands of the state, and to put them into a more effective campaign.

Want to know more?


At last Saturday's SoCal Regional Libertarian Conference, we had great response to our call for volunteers for the California LP's Signature Circle. Eighteen attendees committed to help candidates in their voting districts gather signatures in January. This could be our most successful volunteer effort in a long time!

Want to be part of it? Just contact Beau at office@ca.lp.org or call him at 818-782-8400. You'll make a very important non-cash contribution to the success of your local candidates' campaigns.

California LP 2010 Annual Convention in Long Beach

Friday through Sunday, February 12 through 14

Marriott Courtyard Downtown Long Beach
500 East First Street, Long Beach, California 90802

Mark you calendar now to be among the decision-makers at our Party's annual business meeting! If you've never been a California LP member, join the Libertarian Party of California and register to vote Libertarian by Friday, November 12th to qualify to be a delegate!

And while you're making those plans, get the most out of your delegate status: join the Libertarian National Committee and get ready to register for their bi-annual convention in Saint Louis over Memorial Day Weekend, too.

If you're a candidate for office, or a dedicated campaign volunteer, make plans to attend our donors' reception so you can meet the folks who've proven to be the Libertarian Party of California's generous donors. It could be your best opportunity to secure support for your favorite candidate's campaign.

2010 California LP Convention registration will open soon, so visit the state Party's website to stay informed.

Want to be among the first to be notified when registration opens? Call Beau at 818-782-8400 or e-mail him to be on our 2010 Convention call-back list.

California Coffee Club Enrollment

Your California Libertarian Party needs your financial support so that we can continue to coordinate our candidates' efforts to take public offices in 2010. Any donation will help, but you can choose any of several major gifts through the California Coffee Club.

Coffee Club donations are calculated on the approximate cost of a cup of premium coffee, multiplied by 5 work days a week. The donations are charged either as a monthly pledge or as a one-year donation. Monthly pledges start at $42 a month, and one-year donations start at $504.

Ready to become a major donor? Choose your level of commitment on our California Coffee club donation page.

The Libertarian Party of California seeks to eliminate force and fraud from public life by endorsing socially tolerant, fiscally responsible legislation, and by supporting Libertarian candidates for California's public offices. We encourage all California libertarians to register to vote in our Primaries, and to become dues-paying, voting members of our association.

Donations to political parties are not tax-deductible.
Paid for by the Libertarian Party of California.
Not endorsed or paid for by any candidate for California public office.
Copyright © 2009 Libertarian Party of California. All rights reserved.

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