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Monday, October 26, 2009

San Diego Spending Advocate Stumbles In Debate With Taxfighter Rider

[Email report from Taxfighter of the Year Richard Rider about his debate Thu Oct 22 against a City of San Diego building project.]

Today I did a forum debate before the subsidy-seeking San Diego Downtown Partnership group. They discussed the three downtown pyramids they want to build. I critiqued the new city hall and convention center, while San Diego County Taxpayers Association CEO Lani Lutar expertly dissected the fatally flawed new downtown library proposal (she did much better than I did).

Actually it was a surprisingly fair and largely civil forum. Given that the Partnership and I never agree on anything, it went pretty well. They had selected crusty old real estate mogul Malin Burnham as the spokesperson for the new city hall. If nothing else, Malin is candid. Painfully so for his side, as it turns out. See the damning [San Diego Union Tribune] article. Malin made a FABULOUS admission. Here's the opening excerpt of the article:

A key backer of building San Diego a new $432 million City Hall argued against a public vote on the project Thursday, saying the general public won't be able to understand it. "There's less than 1 percent of the citizens in the United States of America that understand the complexity in how to put these kinds of projects together, so why would we want to ask the other 99 percent?" said real estate mogul Malin Burnham.
That's right. You are simply too stoopid to vote on such matters. The effete elitists will decide what's good for you. Granted, you get the bill, but such is life. I would have PAID him to say that!

Read the article and then go read the reader comments -- OVERWHELMINGLY in our favor. Burnham gets BLASTED. My main man Malin! BTW, Malin came over after the debate and started yelling at me. Again. He's done it before. Called DeMaio and I "idiots." I thought he was gonna get physical. Now THAT would have been a show! I doubt anyone would have gotten hurt unless we slipped and fell.

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