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Friday, October 2, 2009

Santa Clara County LP Hears Candidate and IRV Booster

2010-10-01 LPSCC

Yesterday the Santa Clara County Libertarian Party met to entertain endorsements for this November's election.

Jim Stauffer of Californians For Electoral Reform gave a well-received pitch for instant-runoff voting (IRV) in San Jose.  In 1998, Santa Clara County's Measure F allowed for IRV if and when the county's voting equipment can accomodate it.  The equipment has been in place for 5 or 6 years, but no jurisdiction in the county has yet tried IRV. CER and the New America Foundation are targeting San Jose, as Mayor Reed and about half of the county supervisors reportedly support IRV.  They are asking the city council to put an IRV amendment to the city charter on the ballot in 2010.  The LPSCC audience was supportive of these efforts, but the meeting was three short of the quorum of 15 required for formal endorsements.

Michael Flores gave a pitch for his campaign for Sunnyvale city council.  He said his philosophy to "keep government minimal" is based on the idea that "it's my money and I should decide what to do with it".  He said the current city council "thinks they're gods", and he is running on a slate with Penny Kelly and Pat Meyering. He was inspired to run when he encountered city rules on what he could do with his property. He criticized strict city rules on in-home businesses, but seeks a balance between the development and privacy rights of property owners.  A lack of quorum prevented formal endorsement, but Flores did collect some donations.
  • Scott Lieberman received encouragment from the room to schedule the January LPSCC annual convention for a Saturday afternoon instead of a Thursday evening.
  • Elizabeth Brierly encouraged the LPSCC to take advantage of an offer by Pizza California in San Jose to donate 25% of proceeds from people referred there by the LPSCC on a designated day.  
  • Kevin Takenaga encouraged members to get involved in the annual California Coastal Cleanup events across California.  
  • Brian Holtz encouraged everyone to email secretary@ca.lp.org and volunteer to sign the petitions needed to get LP candidates on the ballot. Each signature is worth about $10 that the candidate otherwise has to pay to the state.
  • Mark Hinkle, California rep to the Libertarian National Committee, reported that the LNC had recently hired Wes Benedict to fill the vacant Executive Director position.  Mark said he was flying to the New Hampshire LP convention the next day in his campaign for LP national Chair.

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