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Sunday, November 1, 2009

San Diego Libertarians Counter-Protest Rent-Seeking Teachers

Email from Jesse Thomas of the San Diego LP, about counter-protesting at an Oct. 29 demonstration in San Diego by unionized teachers seeking increases in state education spending:

It was protest as usual. Fairly uneventful if you are not the one handing out provocative material.

Alex and I parked and walked quite a ways down Park Blvd until we found Dann the Libertarian (you can see him a mile away..) with a large sign that listed some super high taxes. As I approached I saw him engage in a heavy debate with a passenger of a car at an intersection. I got up to the crowd of 100 or so people, many of them wearing Southwestern College shirts and some grubby students and just walked around the crowd handing out flyers. I soon had a crowd of 10 gather around me, asking me questions and say ing things like, "Hey man this is not your venue. What'da doing here?"

Others tried to debate me while I stood there listening, nodding and agreeing with them that education is important. :)  I had a professor walk up to me and tell me to use this flyer to "wipe my ass with it". I told him thank you and moved on. The crowd then walked to downtown in front of the state admin building and I handed out a few more flyers to the curious passer-bys. They reacted positively to my flyer.

A cameraman from channel 17 Telemundo was interviewing someone else briefly. I then approached him and told him who I was. We got to talking, then he asked to interview me. that interview lasted about 5 minutes. I suspect the video is online now and I'll go looking or it later. I'll be interested in the reaction of their audience when they hear an austrian economics perspective on the problem at hand.

Anyway that professor that told me what to do with the flyer ended up speaking to Dann and I for a good half-hour and at the end, was very pleased to have an open mind. i think he went away pleased with the conversation. He certainly left on a much friendlier note.

Overall I think it was a great day of activism.

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