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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Carolyn Marbry Running For LPUS Vice-Chair

An announcement from Carolyn Marbry. For more from and about Marbry, see the IPR discussion of the announcement.

Ontario, California - Libertarian activist Carolyn Marbry today announced that she is a candidate for Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair.

“This is such an exciting time to be a Libertarian,” Ms. Marbry said. “The coming decades will bring tremendous opportunities to the party as Americans grow more and more disillusioned with bank bailouts, the flagrant destruction of the right to marry for an entire group of Americans, attacks on our second amendment rights and never-ending wars, among other things. To reach out to these people and help our activists make real changes in policy, the party needs a new generation of leadership, one that welcomes and supports all Libertarians.

“We still have a lot of the same problems we’ve always had as a third party. Lack of ballot access, media “black out,” absurd representation of our ideas, mission creep… It’s time for new solutions to our old problems. Those new solutions start with leaving behind the old paradigm and focusing on new technologies and new ideas to build membership, activism and fund raising.

“We need to build strong coalitions with like-minded groups outside the party, and we need to develop and support Libertarian think tanks.

“We need to maintain open, transparent records so members can see what their leadership is doing and where their money goes, and we need to make sure our money goes toward real politics, not bureaucracy.

“We need to take a hard, business-like look at where we can reduce our fixed expenses so we can mobilize more of our money for activism and party growth.

“We need to focus less on what separates us and more on our common goals. A rising tide raises all ships, and the LNC leadership needs to be that rising tide.

“Above all, we as the LNC leadership need to remember: We’re there to take obstacles out of the way of our activists and candidates, not to put up more obstacles. We need to support our activists, who are the lifeblood of our party, and to support the candidates who give us visibility and help grow our party.
“I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of my fellow Libertarians to my campaign. It’s been wonderful to have early support from Lonnie Holcomb, Thomas Knapp, Less Antman, Angela Keaton, Mike and Lidia Seebeck, Jake Porter, Charles Wilhoit and David F. Nolan, among others. I am pleased that my early support comes from such an eclectic group of Libertarians.”

Here’s what some of her supporters have to say:

Angela Keaton: “Small business woman, civil libertarian, homeschooling mother and patriot; Carolyn Marbry brings a fresh face and real world experience to political arm of the liberty movement.”

Jake Porter: “In the summer of 2007, I started working directly with Carolyn Marbry to assist one of the contenders for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nomination. Within the first few weeks of working with Carolyn, I discovered that not only did she have the management skills necessary to be successful in politics, but that she also possessed the leadership skills necessary to make sure we were getting the right things done. Carolyn Marbry is intelligent, hard working, motivated, and courageous enough to speak her mind even when faced with strong opposition. The Libertarian National Committee could really benefit by having Carolyn serve as a member.

“I urge all Libertarian Party delegates to join me in supporting Carolyn Marbry for LNC Vice-Chair.”
Less Antman: “The very type of respectful persuaders I want to see in leadership positions in the LP are people like Carolyn Marbry. ”

Carolyn is an established Libertarian activist. In 2007-2008, she served as media director for the Phillies 2008 Presidential nominating campaign, rapidly ramping up to regular distribution of Phillies 2008 press releases to over 15,000 media targets. She served as platform lead on the Libertarian Party of California’s Style Committee as well as serving on the state party’s by-laws committee and an ad-hoc committee to investigate the viability of the state’s printed newsletter. She also served as treasurer for her local county party.

Carolyn’s first career was as a cellist. By the time she was 21, she was CEO of her own custom software company, creating applications for signature recognition for banks, pressure and flow calculations based on pipe fittings for a mechanical engineering firm, dyslexia diagnosis and therapy software for audiologists and custom accounting packages for unusual businesses. She was recruited to Artisoft where she was an engineering supervisor, opting after a few years to retire from that career to homeschool her son. During those homeschooling years, she was not idle, however, launching a career in theatre as a playwright, actor and stage director in Tucson, AZ. She starting her own Shakespeare Theatre Troupe for homeschooled teenagers. In 2003, she produced and edited an internationally distributed independent film with English director Rob Walker.

Carolyn lives in Rancho Cucamonga with her partner, Mike McMahon, and her son, Jericho Arcuri, who is attending college studying criminal justice.

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