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Saturday, January 2, 2010

LPUS Lists 20 Elected California Libertarians

The LPUS has updated its list of Libertarians in elected office.  It includes the following 20 Californians. Four of them have pro-rated budget authority of at least $5 million.

Tom Tryon - Calaveras County Board of Supervisors, District 4, California - $37M
John Inks - Mountain View City Council, California - $24M
Norm Westwell - Ocean View School District Board, California - $15M
Jack Hickey - Sequoia Healthcare District Board, California - $5M
Frank Manske - Mount Diablo Healthcare District Board, California
Timothy Healey - Fair Oaks Water District Board, District 1, California
Jim Gardner - San Gorgonio Memorial Health Care District Board, California
Brian Holtz - Purissima Hills Water District Board, California
James Guadagni - Liberty Elementary School Governing Board, California
Jim Hill - Oceano Community Services District Board, California
Jonathan D Hall - Tehachapi Cummings Water District Board, California
Julie Dawson - Manton Joint Union School District Board, California
Kate O'Brien - Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Board, California
Laurel Kieny - Esparto Community Services District Board, California
Linda Strom - Lakeside Community Planning District, California
Phillip Binley - Bolinas Fire Protection District Board, California
Phillip Leavitt - Carlotta Community Services District Board, California
Robert Dickson - Timber Cove Fire Protection District Board, California
Rodger Musso - Black Oak Mine Unified School District Governing Board, Seat 2, California
Vern Dahl - Oceano Community Services District Board, California

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