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Friday, January 8, 2010

Nearly 100 LPCA Candidates Seeking Signatures For 2010 Ballot Access

Infromation below is from Ted Brown, LPCA Candidate Recruitment Chair.  Even though the LPCA is ballot-qualified, the government charges our candidates as much as $1,500 to get on the ballot.  That cost is reduced by around $10 for every registered Libertarian who signs a petition for an LP candidate seeking to represent them. Please join the Signature Circle to put LP candidates on your ballot.

Libertarians have declared their candidacies for each of the statewide offices that will be voted upon in the 2010 election. The announced candidates are:

For Governor - Dale F. Ogden of San Pedro; insurance consultant and actuary
For Lt. Governor - Pamela Brown of Northridge; Ph. D. professor of economics
For Secretary of State - Christina Tobin of Mill Valley; open elections activist
For Attorney General - Timothy Hannan of Santa Rosa; attorney at law, private practice
For Controller - Andrew Favor of Laguna Niguel; certified public accountant
For Treasurer - Edward Teyssier of San Diego; business owner and attorney
For Insurance Commissioner - Richard Bronstein of Encino; life/health insurance agent

For U. S. Senator - Gail Lightfoot of Arroyo Grande; retired nurse and veteran candidate

We have a total of almost 100 candidates who have signed up around the state. This includes all the statewide offices, 37 of the 53 congressional races, 10 of the 20 state senate races, and 39 of the 80 state assembly races. Many have run before, but many more have signed up for the first time. We had a lot of volunteers who contacted the party’s office this year, likely due to anger over current governmental policies — at both the federal and state level. Hopefully all of our candidates will succeed in qualifying for the ballot, since they need to go out and collect signatures from registered Libertarians to do so.

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