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Saturday, February 13, 2010

LPCA Convention - Day 1

8:45 Lt. Governor candidate and Pierce College economics professor Dr. Pam Brown speaks at breakfast

10:00 Convened with 54 delegates

10:07 Bob Weber adds an item "Judicial Committee report" to the agenda

10:13 Motion to defer officer elections to tomorrow fails 23-25

10:14 Agenda adopted, begin keynote presentation of Richard Winger and Secretary of State candidate Christina Tobin

10:24 Tobin plays Obama "taxman" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0M__0Z1pjg

10:26 Tobin says she was recruited to run for Secretary of State by Richard Winger, in order to campaign against Prop 14 ("top two" primaries). She is endorsed by the LPCA Executive Committee as well as by an international greens group.

10:30 Tobin introduces "ballot access guru" Richard Winger.  Winger calls Prop 14 the greatest threat to third-party and independent politics in the last 50 years.  Prop 14 will change the ballot-qualification threshold to party registrants.  LPCA is at about 80,000 RegLibs, would need about 100,000 to remain ballot-qualified.

10:49 Richard Newell's Northern Vice Chair report

10:52 Kevin Takenaga's Chair report
  • Judge Jim Gray: Jan retirement party and fundraiser in SoCal, Feb fundraiser in Monterey
  • John Inks joined Mountain View City Council
  • Junior Statesman of America - tabling at 3 or 4 conventions 
  • Coalition w/ Free And Equal Foundation
  • Chris Agrella special congressional election
  • Campus Facebook groups
  • Southern California Regional Libertarian Conference
  • Visalia follow-up meeting in Central Valley
  • San Diego fundraiser @ Richards'
  • Incumbent parties' registration slipping, LP edging up in absolute numbers:
  • 2006: 84465 (0.53%) 2008: 81548 (0.52%)  2010: 84462 (0.50%)
  • Open rate of LPCA email blasts is 20%
  • Challenges: Prop 14 top-two primaries; "competition with other freedom-oriented movements"; "internal matters"
  • Capitol candidate rally Apr? 2010
11:25 Takenaga finishes, Aaron Starr leads standing ovation for Chair and other officers

11:27 Mike Seebeck: appointed Southern Vice Chair two weeks ago. Attended recent LPSD convention. Asks how many from LPSD here, two hands raise.  Working for candidates on opposition research. Made a missing-candidate milk carton when Chris Agrella's incumbent opponent didn't show at debates. Supporting a bill that requires auto insurance companies to carry over customer longevity when customer changes companies.

11:33 Brian Darby's Treasurer's report.  2009: increased revenues, only lost $1500. Suspended newsletter until it can be executed without losing money. End of 2008: $16K in bank, 2.1 months reserve. End of 2009: $4K, less than 1 month's reserve. 2010 budget forecasts $70 profit.

11:42 Starchild asks for data on attendance and financials of past conventions, asks if Darby has considered cheaper conventions (e.g. bring your own food).

11:44 LPUS Treasurer Aaron Starr thanks Darby. Asks how many financial contributors we have.  Carlos Castenada asks why convention attendance is down. (At least 80 people are in the room, every seat is filled.)

11:46 Gale Morgan's Secretary's report.

11:47 Alan Pyeatt reports on fundraising. Starr asks @ 11:54 what is the most effective method e.g. direct mail, phone, personal solicitation. Pyeatt not sure, but emphasizes that fundraising must have low overhead.

12:00 Orders of the day: lunch. Don Cowles makes a pitch for the Candidate Support Committee, which hopes to match candidate spending on ballot statements.

1:25 Insurance Commissioner candidate Rick Bronstein clarifies that the insurance proposal Seebeck mentioned would merely make it no longer illegal for insurance companies to recognize the tenure of customers who transfer from another company.

1:30 Zander Collier moves to enter executive session to discuss the Judicial Committee report. Succeeds 43- 16.

Delegates who were outside the room when executive session commenced were not allowed to return to the room.  Delegates who were outside the room observed that delegates who were inside when executive session commenced were allowed to exit and re-enter.

2:58 The convention left executive session.  The events in executive session are strictly secret. 

3:10 Ed Gonzalez, candidate for Congress CD16, electrified the room when he said he was a principal of "for-profit, private school".

3:19 Starr moves to defer Platform debate until after officer elections.  Succeeds 39-18.

3:28 68 delegates are now credentialed.  Matt Barnes and Bruce Cohen are both still members of the LPCA.

3:28 Southern Vice Chair nominations: Matt "Boomer" Shannon, Lawrence Baird, Michael Seebeck.

3:39 Seebeck: "I know I'm controversial, but I speak my mind."

4:01 Southern Vice Chair 1st round: 26 Seebeck 23 Shannon 2 Baird 2 Collier. 2nd round: 27 Seebeck 23 Shannon.  Seebeck elected.

4:05 Ted Brown moves to combine elections for 2-year and 1-year at-large ExCom seats, so that the top 5 vote-getters win 2-year seats, and the next 3 get 1-year seats.  Passes without objection. ExCom nominees:
  • Flavio Fiumerodo: building a Libertarian social networking service for LP candidates/members
  • Dave Bowers: Secretary of the LPLA
  • Dana McLorn: (incumbent) Chair of LP Ventura County
  • Paul Darr: Chair of LPSBD. Served 1-year tour in Iraq. Loves the idea of citizen soldiers, hates how military is being used.
  • Glynda Perrotte: Treasurer of LPSBD
  • Willis Scrivani: Campaign For Liberty activist
  • Savva Vassiliev: incumbent 2nd Alternate
  • Jill Pyeatt: (was incumbent, but resigned over suspension controversy)
  • Alan Pyeatt: (incumbent) LP member since 1981, libertarian since high school
  • Chris Agrella: Jesse Thomas says Agrella runs for every office he can, got 5% in last congressional election.
5:27 Results (top eight elected)
  • Fiumerodo 55
  • McLorn 54 
  • Agrella 51
  • Alan Pyeatt 49
  • Darr 48
  • Bowers 47
  • Jill Pyatt 46
  • Perrotte 45
  • Vassiliev 40
  • Scrivani 33
  • Shannon 1 (is already on ExCom)
  • Starchild 1
  • Grahm 1
5:32 Nominees for the two ExCom alternate seats:
  • Rich Vanier
  • Savva Vassiliev
  • plus Scrivani Starchild Grahm
Vassiliev and Vanier won.
  • Scrivani 26
  • Starchild 17
5:45 Ocean View School Board president Norm Westwell appealed for donations to his race for city council in Huntington Beach.  He has raised three times as much as the incumbent, and more than any of the dozen other candidates.

5:55 Motion to adjourn fails. Judicial Committee elections.  Nominees:
  • Lawrence Baird
  • Dan Wiener
  • Bob Weber
  • Gary Chartier
  • Mike McMahon
  • Willis Scrivani
  • Deborah Tharp
  • Anthony Burke
  • Rick Bronstein
  • Jason Gonella
  • Less Antman
  • Ray Fostore
6:49 LNC elections
  • Mike Seebeck
  • Dan Wiener
  • Mark Hinkle
7:10 LNC Chair candidate Ernest Hancock speaks: "the proper role of government is the defense of individual rights".

7:16 Judicial Committee results:
  • Weber 37
  • McMahon 37
  • Antman 33
  • Fostore 26
  • Bronstein 26
  • Wiener 24
  • Chartier 22
  • Clark 22
  • Gonella 22
  • Gravanti 21
  • Baird 20
  • Burk 17
  • Holtz 1
  • Hacker 1
 LNC rep:
  • Wiener 35
  • Hinkle 33
  • Seebeck 28
  • Starchild 1
  • NOTA 1
7:19 Adjourned.


                1. Thank you for this unbiased reporting. You did not mention this, but was there any reportable action from the executive session? Don't tell us any secrets, but is there anything that the session wishes to report publicly? "No" is a sufficient answer.

                2. The executive session resulted in no action that is reportable to either the membership or any particular member.


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