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Sunday, February 14, 2010

LPCA Convention - Day 2

9:25 Called to order.  Attorney General candidate Tim Hannan spoke.  Says that the purpose of government is to "protect us from violence and fraud, and otherwise leave us alone."

9:33 Discussion of whether the 2nd LNC rep should be considered 1st alternate. No, because LPCA might again be part of a two-rep region.

9:39 62 delegates credentialed.

9:40 LNC nominations: Scott Lieberman, Mike Seebeck.  Carolyn Marbry: Seebeck convinced her to rejoin the LP last year after she "resigned over a matter of ethics".

10:08 Lieberman 49 Seebeck 26

10:09 Aaron Starr moves to suspend the rules for a Bylaw change, specifying that a person convicted of a felony against a person or property shall not be an LPCA officer or candidate without the consent of 2/3 of the Executive Committee.

10:15 Rule suspension passes 49-18.

10:50 Bylaws change passes after amending "candidate" to "endorsed candidate".  Recess.

11:00 Greg Perry demonstrates his software for slicing and dicing voter registration info.

11:26 Perry demo ends. Begin Platform Committee report.

Proposal 1: in IV.19 change "or corporation" to "or group".  Starr moves to insert "group," rather than substitute "group" for "corporation".  Passes at 11:43.  Amended proposal passes at 11:45.

11:45 Proposal 2:  in IV.19 add "We support the right of any political party to nominate the candidates of its choosing for public office, even when those candidates are the nominees of another political party or parties."  Ted Brown advocates that we should instead delete the Bylaw requirement that LP nominees be registered Libertarians.

11:58 Starr moves to add "or endorse" and "or endorsees". Passes.  Amended proposal passes. Recess for lunch to hear Wayne Root.  Root gives a rousing speech to a packed room.

1:39 Wayne Root, Ernest Hancock, and Mark Hinkle take the stage for an LNC Chair candidates debate. There will also be 12 minutes each for Vice Chair candidate Carolyn Marbry and Treasurer candidate Aaron Starr. Starr goes first, and the others are escorted to a "green room" holding area so that order doesn't matter.  Starr says he will be circulating an opinion from Robert of Robert's Rules supporting his contention that a non-zero registration fee does not contradict the Party's rules.

1:59 Marbry: only 10% to 15% of the LNC budget goes to actual politics. Begging (direct mail) should not be the only or primary way of raising funds. We need event-based fundraising, like music festivals.  "I don't think anybody should have a purity test.  I'm a believer in sticking to core ideals, but I believe there are many manifestations of those ideals."  Example: pro-life vs. pro-choice, but mandatory abortions is not libertarian. Hopes to visit every state affiliate in her term, or at least have an officer visit.  As media director of the 2008 Phillies campaign, was on the plane "every single weekend".  We find ourselves defending crazy things from past platforms. I offer "sensible libertarianism", a successful home-schooling mom, "normal" but "not Libertarian lite".

2:12 Ernest Hancock: Root will promote his vision of libertarianism and do a good job of it. I will promote your vision of libertarianism and do a good job of it. I just want the word 'libertarian' defined as libertarian. I'll take 5 hardcore libertarian activists against 1000 TEA partiers any day. If we don't embrace hardcore libertarian philosophy, we will be in trouble.  If we have one, the proper role of government is defending individual rights. The headquarters in Washington D.C. is a waste of money. LP.org doesn't have a single link off-site to other freedom groups.  It doesn't mention the war or gay rights.

2:31 Wayne Root: New web-based business emails to 6000 people, makes $100K/month with no employees and very low overhead.  LP needs to issue a video every day.  LP has 60K emails in its contact list.  "War has got to be avoided at all costs except with a direct attack on the U.S., and then only with a declaration of war."  Focus on the issues where people agree with us, like the TEA parties do.

2:47 Mark Hinkle: Paid $100 for life membership in early 1970's; membership has cost me ~$40K since then. We are internally split when the national scene should be begging Libertarian solutions. We need to stop the infighting.  LNC members with no portfolio tend to default into an auditor role, and so everybody points fingers, and nobody gets anything done.  Office lease runs until 2012. Looking at cutting Internet and telephony costs. Current skeleton budget is pretty tight. Like Unified Membership Plan for its economies of scale. LPCA went from 2000 members to 6500. Advocates somethink like Project Archimedes direct mail, but via Internet since direct mail doesn't work as well any more. $25 member commissions for recruiting dues-payers, as we get about $60/yr from each dues-payer. Advocated Liberty Links on lp.org [contrary to Hancock's assertion that lp.org doesn't link offsite].  We used to be the focal point for the libertarian movement, but we lost our way.  We need to work well with the rest of the libertarian movement.

3:13 Back to the Platform report. Starr moves to suspend rules to choose NatCon delegates. Suspension passes. 60 NatCon delegates nominated by 3:28.  62 LPCA delegates currently credentialed.

3:30 Platform Proposal 3: Append to IV.3: "We call for the removal of any Whole Body Imaging such as backscatter x-ray or millimeter wave, from all airports in California."  Ryan wants to amend by appending: "that are government-owned or subject to mandatory government security procedures". Fails, as Starr has better language. Scrivani moves to replace "any" with "all". Time extended by five minutes. Scrivani amendment passes.  Starr proposes substitute: "We oppose government-manded security procedures at airports, and we find particularly offensive the requirement to use whole body imaging, such as backscatter x-ray or millimeter-wave devices. We believe airlines and airports should determine their own procedures to protect passengers." Substitute passes. Time extended two minutes.  Two Starr sentences swapped. Scrivani attempt to insert "all" before "whole" fails. Proposal as amended passes.

4:02 Starr requests the orders of the day.  Adjourned.  Gubernatorial candidate Dale Ogden speaks.

Jack Dean presents the Karl Bray Award to tax protester and Tyranny Busters host Mike Benoit.

The ExCom met next. McLorn volunteered to run electronic communications. Fiumerodo will release on Mar 14 a libertarian social network based on Wordpress and Buddy Press. He suggests that the site ("Freebook") could replace the existing ca.lp.org implementation.

As expected, the ExCom appointed Dan Wiener to be the LPCA's LNC regional rep, and Scott Lieberman to be the alternate rep.

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